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G-Eazy( Gerald Earl Gillum )

Downtown Love (feat. John Michael Rouchell)

[Hook - John Michael Rouchell:]
Downtown love
Don't want none of your downtown love
Downtown love
Don't want none of your downtown love
Just wonderin' if you notice me
Just wonderin' if you notice me

[Verse 1 - G-Eazy:]
Wood floors in your Soho apartment
Every morning always roll one and spark it
Credit cards left on your glass table
You been wildin' since I met you last April
A beautiful, outgoing, alcoholic, socialite
Like the way I talk to you, I was so polite
Always claimin' that you're not the type to notice hype
But that's the reason why we kicked it and you know it's right
I was your Bob Dylan, you were my Edie Sedgwick
But where I used to see beauty, now I just see pathetic
It was fun while it lasted but you'll never get it
You're living in your own world, where love is all synthetic
Yeah, and now you walk around woefully
For a minute thought about forever like it's Jodeci
But now you're spiraling and falling over hopelessly
And I just wonder if you notice me, yeah

[Hook - John Michael Rouchell]

[Verse 2 - G-Eazy:]
And you're just spending your allowance cash
On some shopping sprees, drinks, and a powder stash
But it drains like the sand in an hour glass
And when it does is when I see you turnin' sour fast
Free falling from the sky 'till the gravel caught us
Spending cash, burning holes in her fragile pockets
Doin' drugs on the surface of Apple products
Started beautiful but look at where havoc brought us
And it was fun but I could never be the one for you
You're never happy, always looking 'round for something new
But it was unbelievable when I was fucking you
Thought that I was momentarily in love with you
Nah, see you're in love with material
And even more in love with attention
Walking through life so eager for affection
And never really was a connection, nah

[Hook - John Michael Rouchell]

[Pre-Verse 3:]
So in love with the scene she was
4AM is when she leaves clubs

[Verse 3 - G-Eazy:]
In love with fashion, still trying to be Audrey Hepburn
Grabs the check, but she spends what she hasn't yet earned
Life's a bitch, if you play with fire you get burned
The road to riches could throw you off at the next turn
Yeah, poor little rich girl
Cries her eyes out, it's all part of the show
Fell in love with the fast life but started it slow
Loves creative types, slept with every artist she know
Comes from high society, but they frown on her actions
Instagrams half naked, how she sounds in her captions
Always snobby and conceited, she knows what the deal is
Wants to party, thumbs through a rolodex full of dealers
Yeah, cause she said the high was divine
The first time is what she kept on searching trying to find
Scared to lose it all but everything was nothing inside
Couldn't face the truth but everyone's got something to hide
It's ironic how conscious she is of how she appear
Two hours getting dressed but still can't look herself in the mirror
Making poor choices, even at her wealthiest year
Was a fast lifestyle that no one helped her to steer, yeah

[Outro - John Michael Rouchell:]
Downtown love
Don't want none of your downtown love

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