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I'll Do Anything - Jimmy Kimmel Live! Version

Well go make your next choice, be your best choice,
And if you're looking for a boy with a voice, well baby I'm single. (yes I am)
Are you in the mood for some dude, are you in the mood to be subdued?
Or would you rather just mingle? Well I can, do that too.
Let's get set then, to go then, and let us jet set we'll be like the Jetsons
You can be Jane my wife. Should I marry Jane tonight?

See I would, oh, if I could. I would do anything, spontaneously.

Or we can keep chilling like ice cream filling,
We can be cool in the gang if you'd rather hang,
Ain't no thang. I can be lacubrious with you, whatever that means
I got no ifs, and ors, no wits or whats about it,
This place is getting crowded and my hotel's is two blocks away now,
Or maybe clo-o-oser.

I would, oh, if I could. I would do anything, spontaneously.
You know I would, oh and I can prove it, I would do anything, spontaneously.

So go on and
If you could be nimble, you'd have it simple just like me.
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So go on and try it, do not deny yourself your freedom.

So step on up to the plate, get a date with Mraz,
See you better act fast, because supplies they never last
Now did you know, this is limited time offer?
So go make your mind up, before our time's up
You better stop winding it up because this party's almost over
(But you should know girl, see I can move it, just a little bit slower)

See how I would, if I could. I- I would do anything, spontaneously.
You know I would, oh, if I could, I would do anything, spontaneously.

Said the man in the back with the afro hair
Said the man in the south oh there you are
Oh baby I can be the man who would do anything for you
Oh the man in the back with a helmet cap and a chinstrap
Oh I would do anything, love, spontaneously.

  1. Special thanks to Luc1f3r for correcting the lyric.

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